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Gabon is a country full of many natural resources with a sedimentary basin with high potential not yet fully exploited. One of the top 10 oil producers in Sub-Saharan Africa, this country, whose economy relies heavily on oil development, host many foreign investors who dominate and energize its hydrocarbons sector through large-scale oil exploration and development projects.  

 The development of an oil & gas project has, as prerequisite, the discovery of a deposit. Such discovery is usually uncertain and requires heavy investment. To this end, exploration companies are generally temporary in nature due to the difficulty of implementing large long-term investment plans for exploration projects.

To this end, for a better implementation in accordance with the regulations in force in Gabon, companies carrying oil projects need support in order to have a better knowledge of the national environment; Minimize upstream risks hassles and allow a win-win collaboration State-Company. The Control of external factors is crucial for these foreign investors.

EGM consulting (EGMC) is a Gabonese service company with main activity, the provision of business assistance services to established or new foreign oil & gas companies in Gabon. Our company has been setting up to facilitate integration/ establishment of such foreign companies in Gabon and the development of their oil & gas projects..  With more than 8 years oil & gas professional in planning; oil & gas projects coordination as well as managing external and government relations, EGMC offers these companies several support services to enable investment safely.



Company registration and oil & gas project development support.

Monitoring and coordinating business activities/Government relations.

Administrative translation (official communication…)

Administrative support (courier service, work permit, visas…)

Company registration and oil & gas project development support

EGM consulting provide support to companies in their process of setting up their office on a permanent or temporary basis. From the selection of the legal form of your company to the definition of a head office in Gabon (office; equipment; ...), we assure an ideal partnership with adequate solutions that will facilitate the materialization of your companies’ presence in Gabon. The scale of oil & projects in terms of financial, technical and human investment are such as the mastery of the preparatory phase is essential. Thus, carrying out an oil & gas project requires the control of the entire administrative process prior a project implementation on technical level; avoiding delays and/or inappropriate postponements that would entail additional costs. We therefore support companies in the deployment of such administrative process: - Information campaigns - Acquisition of required pre-approvals - Identifying key service compagnies

Monitoring and coordinating business activities & Government relations

The scope of oil projects in terms of financial, technical and human investment is such that mastery of the preparatory phase is essential.

Thus, the successful completion of a petroleum project requires a well-coordinated administrative process to ensure the best possible technical implementation of the projects, and ultimately to avoid delays and/or inappropriate postponements that would result in additional costs.

 We therefore support you in the deployment of this administrative process:

Monitoring and coordinating business activities & Government relations

Before or after a sustained exploration phase, the need to monitor the implementation of oil & gas projects from an administrative, legal and commercial point of view is necessary to be in line with the formalities required in Gabonese legislation. in order to allow the continuity of our customers activities optimally we guarantee coordination of such activities to allow good conduct of operations.

Administrative Translation

The official business language in Gabon is French, let us provide you with a translation service and correction of all your official correspondences, administrative documents…


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